Conference & Special Events (HEADING)

Our expertise lies in creating WOW events for clients who expect WOW results. You tell us what you want to achieve and we deliver it – on an amazing level that you never thought possible!

We have access to a range of skilled professionals in international and interstate locations: graphic designers, audio-visual technicians, high-profile speakers, tour operators and more. These contacts provide us with an array of expertise and invaluable local knowledge.

infiniti events will take care of every aspect of your special event or conference, including but not limited to:

destination selection (international/domestic)
venue selections
travel arrangements (international and/or domestic)
on-ground transportation
creative design and print production
custom-built online registration systems for delegates
guest speakers and special presentations
theme and decor
audio-visual production
excursions and sightseeing tours
post-event evaluation and reporting
Our job is to make your event a seamless integration of your business and our expertise, giving you peace of mind knowing that every last detail has been taken care of.


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Technical & Production Services (HEADING)

At infiniti events, we embrace cutting-edge technology to ensure your event is an amazing experience that touches the senses. Our Technical Director oversees every technical and audio-visual aspect of our events, ensuring you and your guests have a truly unique and engaging experience.

Stage and set design and construction is an extremely strong area of expertise and experience for the team at infiniti events. We take great pride in our ability to find diverse solutions centred on our client’s theme and objectives, and because we treat every event as a unique project, we look outside the square to create fresh and exciting ways to deliver the key messages.

We consider it a crucial part of our team’s professional development to stay abreast of the latest techniques and trends in stage/set design and construction as well as video and animated graphics production. Visit our Gallery to see how our team can create a visual masterpiece for your next event.


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Exhibition Management (HEADING)

At infiniti events, we love working with clients who challenge and question us. Our creative juices thrive when our clients set seemingly unachievable objectives – because we know we can achieve them.

This is particularly evident when it comes to Exhibition Management, where our expertise lies not only in organising small to large scale exhibitions, but also in designing, building and managing custom stands for individual exhibitors.

As Exhibition Organisers, our services include:

Development and management of online booking process
CAD floor plan designs
Budget management
Exhibition marketing, branding and promotion
Pre & Onsite registration and tracking system
As Custom Stand Managers, we take care of:

Custom stand design and construction
Branding and promotion
Product logistics to the exhibition (freight)
Special events on your stand
Visitor tracking and follow-up
Whether you’re the exhibition host or an exhibitor wanting to showcase your product or service, you can be confident that infiniti events will ensure your next exhibition is executed with seamless efficiency.


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Brand Development & Marketing (HEADING)

A crucial aspect of any event is ensuring the company, product and indeed event brand is properly developed and managed. We work closely with your marketing team or agency to integrate the event with your existing marketing strategy, ensuring the brand is showcased as the hero of your event. Equally, if your brand does not yet have a strategic direction, infiniti events can assist with the development of a brand strategy, ensuring flawless integration at your event now and into the future.

Your event may be centred on a product launch, in which case marketing the event effectively is paramount. At infiniti events we constantly challenge ourselves to raise the bar and provide you with the return on investment you are looking for.

Our team can assist with or completely manage the production of marketing collateral associated with your event. Whether your guests are internal or external, we ensure your message is seen and heard by your target audience leading up to and during your event. At infiniti events we are equally converse in all forms of marketing communication: print, digital, online and social networking – we utilise the appropriate mediums to provide the most effective results.

Striking outdoor signage will likely be your guests’ first introduction to your event so it’s got to be right. We use the latest technology and skilled graphic designers to create eye-catching signage that will whet your guests’ appetite, ensuring they arrive at your event wanting and expecting more.


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